Recruiting graduate students and postdocs

We are looking for new graduate students and postdocs to join our team! Please contact Lacra if you are interested at

If you are a graduate student already at Stanford, please email Lacra to talk about a possible rotation. Please include your CV, a brief description of previous research, and other labs at Stanford that you are considering for rotations. We welcome students from any science, engineering, or medicine department.

If you are interested in joining the Bintu Lab as a graduate student but are not yet admitted to Stanford, please apply for a PhD through the official website. Depending on your undergraduate degree and the coursework you want to take, different graduate programs might be best for you. Most of our students come in through Bioengineering, a program in the Biosciences such as: Biophysics, Genetics, Biology, Chemical and Systems Biology, Developmental Biology, or the MD-PhD program. If you are an international student, you have a higher chance of admission through Bioengineering.

If you are looking for a postdoc position, please email Lacra briefly describing your previous research and why you are interested in joining us. Please attach your CV with links to publications (including bioRxiv preprints), and email contacts for references (mainly your PhD advisor).