Postdoc Position Available

We are looking for a postdoc to work on high-throughput development of compact tools for transcriptional and chromatin regulation in human cells. We have funding for this work through a Novel Genomic Technology Development R01 Grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute, joint between the Bintu and Bassik Labs

The postdoc in this position will benefit from joint mentoring from Lacra Bintu (Assistant Professor of Bioengineering) and Michael Bassik (Associate Professor of Genetics), and will have access to resources and techniques of both labs, including: next-generation sequencing, CRISPR screens, flow cytometry, time-lapse fluorescence imaging, and multiplex DNA FISH.

Postdoc candidates, please send a CV, including names and contact information for 3 references. Additionally, please provide a brief cover letter describing your previous experience, career goals, proposed start date, and an informal description of your general scientific interests. Please email all documents in PDF format to: and