Lacra Bintu’s Lab at Stanford University, Bioengineering Department

(If instead you are looking for Bogdan Bintu‘s Lab at UCSD, you can find it at

Studying the basic principles of gene regulation in mammalian cells with a focus on: chromatin (see: spreading, chromatin structure and memory, oncohistones and memory), transcription factors (see: new HT-recruit method to measure thousands of regulators, new human activators and repressors and mutants, viral activators and repressors, and combinations), and RNA (upcoming :)).
We use high-throughput synthetic biology, single-cell imaging, and mathematical modeling.
We build new tools to measure, perturb, and model gene regulation.

We are actively recruiting at all levels, especially graduate students and postdocs! If you are interested in any of our work please reach out — see here for details and email Lacra: lbintu [at] gmail [dot] com.